The advantages for NRIs for real estate investment in India

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Benefits for real estate investment in India

Real Estate Investment is considered as one of the most lucrative investment options for the NRIs across the world. Besides having a decent knowledge regarding all the terms and conditions of investing in Indian properties, NRIs can also get good returns through real estate investment. Although, any kind of investment that involves funds needs to be done in a proper manner, adhering to all the stipulations.

Benefits of Real Estate Investment for NRIs in India

Keep Connected, Remain Rooted: Even though you might be in love with that luxurious abroad living, nevertheless a property back home will absolutely present you a sense of belonging. It helps you in staying rooted with your motherland and growing better. With a property in India, you can pay a visit to your nation whenever you need and impart the rich values and demonstrate the energetic cultural tradition to your growing friends and family overseas. Moreover, no matter where you reside you are going to often yearn for your motherland. Sooner or later, you are certain to express ‘Take Me Home’.

Cost Upsides: In addition to the sentimental attachment, affordability is an additional significant factor of why making a real estate investment in India is rewarding for NRIs. The currency of first world countries trades strongly against the value of Indian rupee providing you with an upper hand. Thus, it is possible to invest a lot more because of this gap in the amount of the currency.

Rent Advantages: NRIs either have a choice to retain the property for their stay at the time of trips to India or possibly enjoy an added income source by means of rent. Even though NRIs are taxed on the rental incomes, nevertheless, a part of it will get reimbursed under the section 80C. NRIs can declare benefit of deduction under restoration and upkeep of their property in India.

Retirement Advantages: Senior citizens who are having a property in India obtain the benefit of a Reverse Mortgage. The funds received from the bank concerning Reverse Mortgage is not regarded as a part of the earnings of NRI. It is an excellent service for senior citizens since they own the real estate and obtain money from the bank. This program is progressively gearing up and is actually being exercised by different banks thereby turning it into an advantageous scheme for NRIs.

Long-term Profits: The business insiders reckon that NRI real estate investment is predicted to reach 12 billion dollars this current year. The real estate sector has shown impressive growth in the last ten years and is anticipated to grow by 12-15% on a yearly basis. Therefore, in case long-term investment and higher return are on your mind, therefore investing in a property in India must be on your plan of action. Besides this, with RERA going into effect NRIs can count on increased transparency in the real estate transactions. It’s a beneficial move for the investor as well as the real estate developer.

We at NRI Help Info can help you fulfill all your real estate dreams. Investment in real estate is booming nowadays and if you are looking for a reliable company who can help you invest in Indian real estate, feel free to get free legal advice on all such property matters in India.

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The advantages for NRIs for real estate investment in India

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