Basic information regarding Khasra Girdawari

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Khasra Girdawari is a document, in which the patwari enters the name of the owner, name of the cultivator, land/khasra number, area, kind of land, cultivated and non-cultivated area, source of irrigation, name of crop and its conditions, revenue rate, minimum twice in a year.

Girdawari is usually done twice a year, the detail information of which is as under:

  • Winter/Rabi: 1 Mar. to 31 Mar.
  • Rainy /Haari: 1 Oct. to 31 Oct.

Except as mentioned above, twice in a year, the additional winter as well as additional rainy girdawari is made as under:

  • Additional Winter/Rabi: 1 May to 15 May
  • Additional Rainy /Haari: 16 Nov. to 30 Nov.

According to the Punjab Land record manual‘s para 9.9, before starting the girdawari, it the basic duty of the patwari to provide information of Girdawari to the sarpanch and also Numberdar of a village by which it may be known that in that special village what is the date and time on which the Girdawari will be done

Moreover, while doing girdawari, the patwari is assumed to take along the Numberdar, sarpanch, member’s panchayat or other famous persons in the field and get their signs in the entry document.

Before starting the Girdawari, make sure that proper announcements for the same are made in the concerned village through the village chowkidar.

The landowners and cultivators should give full cooperation and assistance to the patwari while girdawari of their field is done.

According to this para, the patwari has no legal right to make modifications in the girdawari. The patwari can simply change the name of one person to another in the girdawari exclusively when both the parties are agreed on required changes and may also put signatures in front of the report in daily dairy unless the patwari can do modifications only when gets orders from courts or from higher officers or orders from the area revenue officers for implementation. It is the responsibility of the patwari that the mutations accepted by the area revenue officers, must be referred in front of land record numbers of the concerned property owners.

Whenever there is a requirement of changes in possession of Khasra Girdawari then the concerned person can give application to the area revenue officer for alteration by affixing the court fee stamp of Rs. 1.25., and the page of Khasra girdawari need to be enclosed with it. As per the decision granted by the area revenue officer, the patwari makes the correction in the land record.

  • Duties of public or patwari or public at the time of any
  • Natural disaster (Regarding specific girdawari)

When there are natural disasters (such as heavy rain or drought, floods, etc.) which further effects the croppings or animals. Such kind of disasters are settled as per the under the specific girdawaris and adverse to it, if there is no any kind of instruction from the government the losses of croppings are given as under as per the Para 9.3 of The Punjab Land Record Manual.

On entering the cropping as 100 paise, the losses in girdawari will be as following:

  • Cropping more than 75 paisa-> No loss
  • More than 25 paise but less than 50 paisa-> ½ loss
  • More than 50 paise but less than 75 paisa-> ¼ loss
  • Not more than 25 paise cropping Loss of whole seeding area

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Basic information regarding Khasra Girdawari

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