Changing Your Maiden Name After Marriage

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If you got married newly and are planning for changing your maiden name, we are here to help you. In most of the nations around the world, it is common for women to take on their husband’s name after the wedding. Changing one’s maiden name is a monumental step. In India, if a girl wants to change her surname after marriage, there is a specific set of steps need to follow in order to make the name change official.

Adopting your husband’s name after marriage is a very personal decision of a girl whether she wants to add a Ms. or Mrs. to your name or not. While no any law or government in the world mandates that a woman should change her name after marriage, for ladies wishing to do so, there is a legal process involved. Hence ladies, let’s discuss this name change procedure.

Steps need to follow in changing your surname after Marriage

  1. Creating the affidavit

An affidavit is a declaration prepared by an adult and sworn before an authority who has the power to witness an oath. The step of changing your maiden name includes the creation of an affidavit by the woman who wishes to change her name. The affidavit should cover the following details

  • Maiden name
  • Name of spouse
  • Present and permanent address
  • A copy of the marriage certificate
  • A proposed change in first name/surname
  • A declaration affirming that all information furnished is accurate up to the best knowledge of the deponent

This affidavit must be drafted, printed on Stamp paper of minimum denomination and signed by the witnesses. Unless you have easy access to lawyers, this step could be daunting.

  1. Getting the affidavit notarized

This is probably the most time-consuming task. It would need you to get the affidavit created in the previous step attested by a Notary Public. Basically, attestation is the process of validating a document and its contents to be bonafide and correct.  The document will not be considered valid without attestation.

  1. Submitting a newspaper advertisement

After attesting the affidavit, you’ll be required to publish an advertisement in two national or two local dailies. One daily should be in the local language and the other should be in the English language. Once the advertisement is published, buy multiple copies of the dailies because you’ll need the advertisement clippings for further steps.

  1. Gazette Publication

This step indicates the conclusion of the name change procedure. However, it is not a mandatory step for non-Govt. employees. Moreover, it is best that everyone executes this step to be on the safer side. To get this step done, visit a Govt. press and submit your ID, newspaper ad clippings and the affidavit prepared in step 1 to the Controller of Publications. This does not have to be done in person, it can be done through the mail. You will have to spend a nominal fee as charge towards the proceedings. The authorities there should be able to tell you a possible date on which the publication might appear.

Changing your maiden name is a procedure that spans weeks if not months. Once the advertisement appears in the Gazette publication, make sure that you inform your banks, hospitals and other organisations that might still be using your old name.

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Changing Your Maiden Name After Marriage

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