Checklist of document for Buying Dream Home – Real Estate in India

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To safeguard their interest, property buyers should ensure that the builder/real estate agent with whom they are dealing is registered under the Real Estate Regulation Act (RERA). As per the provision of the act, no promoter should advertise, market, book, sell or offer for sale any plot, apartment or building, in any real estate project or part of it, in any planning area, without registering it, under the act, real estate builders or real estate agents are accountable for their business activities and practices and are liable for punishment if they do not comply with the laid down norms


After shortlisting a property or your dream home, one must check the title deed, and this is one of the most important documents the buyers ought to see, most preferably the original copy of the deed. The document confirms if the builder or agent showing the property being sold has the right to sell the property. The document will also show if the property is under any litigation


The building plan is sanctioned by the local authorities without which, the construction of the building is illegal. The dream home buyers need to examine the approved building plan as there have been cases where the builders deviated from the approved plan making illegal changes such as constructing extra floors.


Always check the NOC issued by the electricity department, pollution control board and environment department. It is mandatory to have NOCs of different departments.


A large number of housing projects are constructed on agriculture land. The dream home buyers must ensure that the builder has got the land converted from agricultural to non-agricultural. Any project constructed without getting the land use changed is illegal.


The certificate is issued by the local authorities after inspection of the site. It certifies that the project meets the laid down rules and the builder can start construction. If a builder fails to take the commencement certificate, the construction is deemed illegal. For starting construction without the certificate, builders are penalized.


The document certifies that the builder has cleared all the dues and the property has no monetary and legal liabilities. The certificate is available at the sub-registrar’s office where the property and land have been registered.


To ascertain whether the building is safe and quality material has been used for construction, the dream home buyers should check the copy of the structural stability certificate issues by the structural engineer. The certificate will tell whether the building has been designed and built as per the sanctioned load.


This document certifies that the construction has developed the building code the structure is in a condition suitable for occupancy. The certificate is issued by the local authorities after inspection of the building on completion of the construction.


A completion certificate is a legal document certifying that the building has been constructed and completed according to the norms. The document is important at the time of purchasing a property and seeking a home loan.


The dream home buyers should also check the track record of the builder. They should verify the past and ongoing projects of the builder. This will help in ascertaining his / her credibility as a builder.


For the promotion of a project, the builders usually make many promises which they fail to keep. To safeguard your interest, ask the builder to incorporate all promised features in the agreement.

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Checklist of document for Buying Dream Home – Real Estate in India

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