Do’s and dont’s in NRI marriages in India

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Do’s for Indian girls who want to marry NRI Grooms

  • Do check the NRI groom’s personal information details such as:
  • Marital status: if he is single, separated, divorced, Employment details: qualification and post, address of office, salary, employer and their credentials, type of visa, Immigration status, eligibility to take spouse to the other nation
  • Financial status, Properties stated to be owned by him in India, family background, residence address, passport, Visa. Voter or alien registration card and Social Security number.
  • Insist on a registered marriage along with the religious NRI marriages to be solemnized in India with adequate proof such as photographs etc.

Don’ts for Indian girls who want to marry NRI Grooms

  • Do not take any decision in a hurry and do not get pressurized to do so for any reason whatsoever.
  • Do not make marriage a passage to greener pastures overseas by falling prey to lucrative schemes to migrate to another nation or promises of getting a green card by way of marriage.
  • Do not finalize matrimony matters, without meeting the family or over a long distance, on the phone or by e-mails.
  • Do not get pressurized in taking impulsive conclusions of a marriage proposal with an NRI just because it seems too perfect to be true.
  • Do not negotiate your daughter’s wedding via a bureau, agent or middleman or trust them blindly
  • In case, matrimonial negotiations take place through matrimonial sites, verify the details and authenticity of particulars submitted by the groom.
  • Do not finalize matters in secrecy – publishing the proposal among the near and dear ones, friends and close relatives could assist you in getting vital information which you may not be able to collect otherwise.

Rights of women in NRI marriages

  1. If NRI husband leaves you in India, you can file a complaint with local police.
  2. National Commission for Women(NCW) has been nominated as a coordination agency for dealing with issues concerning to NRI marriages. Hence complaints can be filed with the NRI Cell of the National Women Commission.
  3. When a person who is a citizen of India commits an offence outside India, it is assumed that the offence has been committed in India, and hence the Indian Laws apply in such cases.
  4. A divorce obtained in another country with or without your knowledge is not valid in India. It would be valid in India only if you participated in that case.
  5. NRI marriage if performed in India it has to be dissolved in Indian Court following the due procedure.
  6. Women rights in NRI marriages regarding concerns related to children the court in India till the Apex Court has settled law that welfare of a child is of paramount importance. Recently some of the High Courts like Maharashtra have decided on a parenting plan for children to decide custody related dispute.

Legal assistance that you can seek from the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs

  • Communicate with the Welfare Officer or Indian Community Service Officer in the concerned embassy.
  • They will then render with some legal and financial assistance.
  • They can assist by connecting you to an NGO that can further help you

Contact the police and also maintain the details of the complaint such as the time, date and place of the complaint, actions taken after the complaint, or any other relevant document related to the complaint made and action taken

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Do’s and dont’s in NRI marriages in India

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