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Getting a driving license in India

NRIs returning to India for a permanent settlement or even for a longer stay will feel the need to get an Indian driving license when they arrive in India. Whether you want to drive in India or not, a driving license is a form of photo identification that is required on many occasions.

If you decide to spend some time in India and live on your own, you will feel the need to get an internet connection, maybe cable TV or even a fixed line telephone. For getting almost any service in India, one usually requires at least two forms of identification to check their local Indian address.

I applied for an internet connection and although I was able to provide an Indian driving license and a current water bill as proof of my local residential address. A representative of the Internet Company visits me in my residence to check my address before my Internet connection has been installed.

I am told that checking the address is now a standard step and most companies send people out to confirm residential addresses before providing service. Your foreign passport does not always help. The person installing a cable on your Indian residence will not be enthusiastic if you provide him with a New York address. Therefore an Indian driving license is useful if you want to live in India for a longer time.

New smart card Driving License in India.

The time when you could only pay agents and get a driver without even bothering to give a driver test is now gone in India. The Indian state of Maharashtra and several other states in India are now issuing smart card driver licenses, which will have a chip with a 4 KB memory.

This type of driving license will also have a unique grading system based on the driver’s previous driving experience if any. The higher the severity of the offense of the driver, the lower the note assigned to him. The smart card driver license contains all essential information about the driver, along with his photo, signature, and thumbprint.

Indian driving license for NRIs

How can NRIs get a driving license in India? I have been living in North America for 35 years and recently decided to start a residence in Pune, a city in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

Let me describe the procedure that is currently used Pune, a city in the state of Maharashtra, for issuing driving license. Pune is one of the cities in India that has already begun with a computerized test for a driving license.

I think many other cities also have a computer system and those who do not soon have the same facility. Pune also issues new smart card driver licenses.

Maharashtra and several other states in India are now issuing smart card driver licenses. Driving licenses are designated in India by the Regional Transport Office, commonly referred to as RTO. The first step to getting a driving license in India is to get a driving license.

How to get a driving license in India

Driving licenses are issued in India by the Regional Transport Office (RTO). To obtain a learning license, you must visit your local RTO office. To get your learner license, the following documents are required.

  1. A duly completed application form.
  2. Medical fitness form certified by medical examiners certifies that you do not have any medical problems that interfere with your ability to drive.
  3. Provide proof of your current address in India.
  4. Proof of your age.
  5. Three passport photos.

Documents for proof of residence when applying for a driving license in India:

  • Voter card – NRIs do not have a voter card! If you do, its illegal! Or
  • Pass-NRIs, of course, have a passport that is, however, usually unacceptable, unless it shows your Indian address. Only Indian passports are useful here. Or
  • Ration Card – If you live in India, there is a remote chance you have one. Most NRIs do not. Or
  • Property Tax Bill – There is a possibility NRIs can have this document if they are property in India. Or
  • Renting – If you do not own property and rent accommodation in India, a receipt may be sufficient from your landlord together with a confirmation letter. Or
  • Other acceptable documents are electricity bill, fixed line phone bill.

While I had taken my Canadian passport, I soon discovered that the authorities with a passport after an adequate passport to expect an Indian passport. While my Canadian passport does not show my residential address, Indian passports show residential addresses and are therefore acceptable as a residence permit.

I decided to use my Indian property tax return as proof of address, and as evidence of age, I could show them my OCI registration pass, from the Government of India issued to applicants who received Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) registration.

The application form for the l Earner license in Pune that I got was only available in the Marathi language, and one of the freelance agents working around the RTO Offices filled the mold for me. He also in a few minutes got a medical certificate for me all stamped and signed by a medical examiner without the need for a medical examination. The costs for this service were rupees 200. Medical investigators hang around the connection and talk with the applicant for a few minutes and decide to issue the certificate.

The next step is to review your documents. While photocopies are attached to your form together with three photos, the original documents must be submitted for review. After nearly two hours in the lineup, I was able to show my documents, and they were approved by a police officer at the reception, which I believe held the rank of a police inspector.

Once documents are approved, the appropriate fee must be paid. Next, comes the fingerprint scan and photo photography are taken to put on your license.

According to these formalities, candidates are installed in the investigation hall, where a test is carried out on traffic signs on a terminal. Candidates must choose correct answers from multiple choice questions that flash on a screen. Ten questions are given, and you need at least 6 to get right.

Passers-by receive a laminate license valid for six months. According to a slimmer license for at least a month, an applicant can take the road tests for a full driving license.

The good part does not require any further documentation for road tests. My test lasted only five minutes, and I was very pleased as I have not driven a normal manual gearbox for almost two decades. Most driving schools calculate by the type of car you want to learn.

Most of them offer only 15 minutes of tuition per day and for about 8 hours of lessons plus the provision of their car for the test charge about 2700 to 3000 rupees.

What I found funny was that during the driving test the examiner also allows the teachers to sit in the car used by candidates to do the driving test.

Most people who can drive abroad should not be a problem with the driving test. As for driving in the city, I would avoid it if possible.

Traffic on the street in most major cities does not move in an orderly manner, and people try to overtake each other from all sides, which is a total disregard for proper lanes on the sealed road to driving.

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How to get a driving license – New Smart Licenses

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