How Can NRI Get Certificate of Indian Nationality Online?

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How to apply for Indian nationality citizenship online?

Who is the citizen of India?

Do you think every individual born in India is its citizen? This ideology used to recognize absolutely fine between the decades of the 1950s & 1980s. The citizenship law of Indian nationality that decade declared-“every India-born person is a citizen of India”.

But later on July 1, 1987, this law underwent revision. As per the amendment, that person would not be eligible to claim citizenship of India unless either of the parents is an Indian.

Once again, this law was refined. The amendment occurred on December 7, 2004. What it supposed that the person would be considered as the citizen of this country by birth if either of his/her progenitors is an Indian. This clause will be valid even though either of his/her parents would be an illicit immigrant.

Who are illicit immigrants?

These two criteria specify who the illicit immigrant is:

  • The person who crosses the territory of India without the visa and valid passport.
  • The person who travels with visa and valid passport but overstays the limited time of permit.

What is Domicile Certificate or Indian Nationality Certificate?

The Indian nationality certificate is also recognized as domicile certificate or citizenship certificate. It declares that the recipient is the resident of this country.

Any foreigner can also get it provided that he/she has surrendered the previous country’s citizenship. And also, he/she has usually been residing in India for 12 years continuously. If the immigrant is living here for 12 months preceding the date of application of this certificate and the rest 11 years have been aggregated in 14 years, he would be eligible to receive Indian nationality certificate. It is also called Citizenship of India by Naturalization.

Who can obtain Indian Nationality certificate? 

The following people can apply for the registration of their Indian nationality certificate or citizenship certificate:

  • The one who gets birth to the Indian citizens.
  • Either of whose parents has been living in India since it was undivided and the whole family is living here for seven years ordinarily.
  • The (foreigner) one who is married to the Indian national and is living here for five years or more.
  • Citizens of Canada and Singapore who lived here for five years and eight years respectively.
  • The one who was born to Indian citizens and living anywhere in the world.

Steps to get Indian nationality certificate online:

By government website:

  • Visit the official government website:
  • Choose the consistent option from the eight popping hyperlinks.
  • Click on the ‘How to Apply Online’ hyperlink at the bottom of a website.
  • Fill the popped up form accurately.
  • Pen down the ‘Temporary Application ID’ declared at the top.
  • Click on ‘Save’ button.
  • Move to ‘Back’ page.
  • Click on the following tab that will land you on the web page with the title – Details of Family Members Staying in India with Applicant.
  • Further, open the tab ‘Criminal Proceeding’ and fill the details here.
  • Then, proceed to the last tab ‘Photo/Description’ to upload your photo.
  • Finally, click on the ‘Submit to Ministry’ tab at the bottom.
  • The MHA file number will pop up. Store it safely for future reference.
  • Then, upload window will emerge. Upload the required document, like a scanned copy of passport and visa.
  • Click on print application tab later to get its hard copy.
  • Pay by Challan in original worth INR 500 at Deputy Commissioner or SDM office.

Documents required for domicile or nationality certificate:

  1. An application form that is properly filled and self-attested.
  2. Valid passport or ‘Residential Permit’.
  3. Aadhaar card if it spells the name alike to the applicant’s birth certificate (but it’s not mandatory).
  4. Self-declaration in case the person is major of age or above 18 years of age.
  5. A digital photo that is captured at the time of application verification or submission.
  6. Supporting documents, like Utility Bill
  7. Birth certificate of naturalisation.
  8. Alternatively, the person born on or before January 26, 1950, can submit:
  • Passport
  • Birth proof
  1. The person born on or after July 1, 1987, can submit:
  • Parent’s birth certificate, if either of the parents was an illicit immigrant when the applicant was born.
  • Birth certificate
  1. The person born on or after December 7, 2004, can submit:
  • Parent’s citizenship proof, if either of the parents was living illicitly in India at the time of applicant’s birth in India.
  • Birth certificate

Checklist of approved citizenship proofs:

  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Voter ID card
  • Caste certificate (probably accepted, relies on the state officials)

Checklist of probable citizenship proofs:

  • PAN card
  • Driving licence
  • Aadhaar card

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How Can NRI Get Certificate of Indian Nationality Online?

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