Nativity Certificate – How to Get It ?

Nativity certificate, OCI or PIO card, indian origin

To get Nativity Certificate Many OCI or PIO applicants have difficulty obtaining acceptable documents that show that they are actually of Indian origin. This results in a prolonged delay in processing applications; many applicants are denied the OCI registration due to a lack of proper evidence showing their Indian origin.

Sometimes in cases where the OCI applicants, children, and grandchildren of PIO’s who left India before January 26, 1950, find it difficult to produce the necessary documentary evidence as proof of their relationship to their Indian origins show.

To solve such problems and to help potential OCI / PIO applicants, the Indian government decided to facilitate this situation. It offers applicants who are having difficulties in obtaining acceptable documents to support their claim of Indian origin to seek and get ‘Nativity Certificate’ from their respective provincial governments in India.

What is a Nativity Certificate?

Nativity Certificate is a document issued by state governments in India that proves the Indian origin of an applicant who or their relationships like parents/grandparents etc. in this particular state.

What is the process of getting a nativity certificate?

In principle, the applicant applies for the nativity in the relevant territory of the state in India. An example of the registration form link is provided below. Along with the request, documents to help the right relationship should be submitted. Some of these documents could be:

  • Details of ancestral characteristics that have existed
  • Know-how of an earlier house etc
  • School/College/University where an ancestor studied-or any other information
  • Names and details of other relatives who could assert the correctness of the statements on your application to Indian origin
  • Any other document, if available
  • If the applicant ancestors left India a few years ago, and details of their departure mode are available, they should be made available as this would help the authorities trace back through earlier departure records, if available.
  • Add any other information or documents that can help your case


Type of Nativity Certificate Acceptable for OCI

Nativity certificate is a document that is often used in India in many situations to show residence in a particular part of the country. For example, students may be required to obtain birthday certificates in a given state university course, where seats are reserved only for state residents. Perhaps one can be asked to get such a document to claim a ration card, etc.

Tehsildars in many areas issue such nativity certificates. Those applying for a child certificate for registration for OCI or for obtaining a PIO card should ensure that they receive a certificate of criteria via the correct channels and are issued by the competent authority to be signed.

Nativity certificate for OCI / PIO from state governments should not be issued by a government authority in the country under a district collector/district judge.

Baptismal Certificate instead of the birth certificate for OCI Evidence of Indian origin

Baptism certificates, issued by the church authorities in Goa before October 1955 and certified by Collector / District Magistrates, are acceptable as proof of Indian origin instead of the birth certificates.

How long it takes to get a nativity certificate

The time required to get a birthday certificate is a fair question and, of course, everyone wants to know. But the entire process depends on the state you are applying, the type of records, such as land income records, etc., available to the state government officials, information of the area from which the proof is to be determined, the type of documents or information that you can provide.

Certificate of the nativity from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India

It is necessary that the Nativity Certificate be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be valid for OCI purposes. While earlier it was possible to visit government offices to get such services, many services have now been outsourced by the government. Documents are not accepted directly by persons at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the Consular Passport and Visa Department, Patiala House, New Delhi. The original document /copy is to be submitted directly to one of the outsourced agencies. Currently, these are:

IVS Global Service Pvt. Ltd. [In New Delhi, Srinagar, Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Kurukshetra, Bangalore, Goa]

BLS International Services Ltd. [In New Delhi, Chandigarh]

Superb Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. [In New Delhi, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Kochi, Pune, Mumbai,]

VFS Global Attestation Center [In New Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad]


Perhaps there are more, but these are known. Check with the authorities for the latest information.

Nativity certificate by Agents Alert

The Indian government is showing a warning on their web pages stating that “applicants are advised not to rely on unauthorized persons/touts for attestation services.

Some websites continue to advertise for obtaining Nativity Certificates for NRIs for a fee. While a fee of about US $ 100 seems a bargain for many non-residents, remember that sending documents and personal data to unknown people can lead to abuse of your identity and cause problems.

Some websites may give the appearance of law firms or government offices to attract customers. Be aware when documents of your identity are involved as identity theft is a worldwide concern these days.

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Nativity Certificate – How to Get It ?

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