How to amend incorrect birth date in your Birth Certificate

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A birth certificate is one of your most crucial identifying documents for everyone. Whether you trying to fill out the paperwork for a new job or get a passport, it is imperative that your birth certificate has all the correct information.

Procedure to correct the information: –

  1. Visit Municipal Corporation: This is the initial step that directs you to visit the Municipal Corporation (M.C) office near your house. It’s the authority that administers the legal matter, along with several other documentation matters related to the civilians of that state or union territory.
  2. Apply for correction: The registrar or the sub-registrar of the Municipal Corporation takes the responsibility to look into the matter. You must request the application form to place the request for changing the date of birth. Fill it duly.
  3. Supporting Documents: You should have to prove that your authentic date of birth is some other. If you don’t have its documented proof, enclose the existing birth certificate with the application form and an affidavit. Moreover, attach these following documents:
  • Passport
  • PAN Card
  • Voter ID
  • Ration Card
  • Driving Licence
  • Educational Certificate, such as school leaving certificate
  • Consent letter from the clinic or hospital where you were born
  1. Bring an Affidavit: The affidavit is one of the crucial documents. Take a stamp paper, which costs around INR 20 or may vary. Write down all the changes in that stamp paper that you aspire to make in the birth proof. The affidavit should have the correct and the incorrect date in the form of an application. Input the name of your parents (both mother and father) together with the address where you took birth.
  2. Notarization: Get it sanctioned by the notary officer of the court. This is what we name as ‘notarization’. The notary officer signs the affidavit while confirming the requested changes.
  3. Verify with Municipal Corporation: In the next stage, show the notarized affidavit to the Sub-Registrar or the Registrar of the M.C.
  4. Issuance: The amended birth proof will be issued on the same date when you visit the Municipal Corporation. Nevertheless, you will have to pay a certain fee for this service.

This process of rectification of incorrect date on the birth certificate is more or less similar to the application of NABC or the non-availability of the birth certificate. It is considered as an alternative document of the birth certificate that is issued in a situation when you don’t have any birth proof.

This document is important to apply for the passport and visa. Any mistake in it is treated as the discrepancy, which can lead to the rejection of your visa.

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How to amend incorrect birth date in your Birth Certificate

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