How to Change Surname in Indian Passport

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A passport is one of an essential document for any individual. It is the documentary proof issued by the government of a particular country which declares the nationality of the passport holder. It is the crucial document which is required for travelling particularly across the borders of the country issuing the passport. This passport is the only identity certificate of the individual holder during an international trip. However, most of the time, the individual passport holder might need to change their names, but have a dilemma of how to change surname in Indian passport? Particularly for married women who would like to change their surnames.

Name Change in Indian Passport

Passport of an individual is the most valuable identity proof. The name becomes the most essential component of the name identity proof. However, there are circumstances when one needs to change the name in the passport such as when a woman gets married or divorced. In such a circumstance, the individual passport holder simply needs to apply for a “Re-issue” of passport. A procedure of changing the name would be the same as applying for the re-issuance of an Indian passport with the specified changes mentioned in the prescribed format. The form for re-issue of passport requires to be duly filled in with the appropriate details along with the prescribed and requisite documents.

How to Change Surname in Indian Passport

Usually, a married woman faces this condition of changing their surnames in their individual passports from their maiden name to their married surnames after their marriages. Though there are other grounds for changing the surname as well, however in such circumstances a marriage certificate is certainly not required.

The following steps require to be taken in order to change the surname in the Indian passport.

  • An individual needs to fill in Form No. 11 meant for Miscellaneous Services (the form only costs INR 5/- at the designated Registered Passport Office or can also be downloaded from their official website too). The form must be duly filled in and should clearly mention “Re-issue of Passport” under the desired services column.
  • The filled-in application form needs to be supported by the documentary evidence.
  • Once the application form is duly filled and the necessary documentary proofs duly attached with the form, the candidate need to schedule an appointment with the passport office. In case of online submission of the application form, the candidate needs to carry along the original print out of the online submitted application form along with the supporting documents.
  • An individual then needs to visit the designated passport office at the scheduled time period along with all the mandatory documents and the prescribed fees and also follow the requisite processes as suggested by the passport officers to get the updated as well as a re-issued passport with the changed surname and name, as the case may be.

The List of documents required for Changing of Name in the Indian Passport

The application form for re-issue of a passport with the changed name or surname requires to be supported with the necessary documentary proof and evidence. Such proof or evidence includes:

  • The original passport along with the self-attested photocopies of the first two and the last two pages.
  • In case, a female is applying for a change in surname after her marriage, she needs to submit the following documents too:
  • Photocopy of the passport of her husband
  • Attested proof copy of their marriage certificate or an equivalent affidavit along with supporting evidence such as marriage card and joint photograph
  • In case a divorced lady needs to apply for a change in surname after her divorce, she requires for submitting the following documents:
  • Certified proof of their divorce decree
  • Deed poll or Sworn Affidavit as specified in Annexure E
  • In the case of a female who has remarried after her divorce or death of the first spouse, she requires to submit the following documents:
  • Certified photocopy of a divorce decree or the death certificate of the first spouse as the case may be
  • Documents required for a married female as mentioned above
  • In any other situation, where an individual needs to change surname (including both males and females), they should submit the following documents:
  • Deed poll or Sworn Affidavit as defined in Annexure E
  • Original and valid notices or advertisements specifying such change in the name or surname of the individual in two related daily newspapers, one of which should be in the daily popular newspaper of the area of individual applicant’s residence address or corresponding nearby the area. Such a newspaper advertisement cuttings should be submitted along with the application form. The application for change in name or surname of the individual is accepted only after 30 days of the publication or an appearance of said notice or ads in the daily newspapers.

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How to Change Surname in Indian Passport

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