Is Apostile for Document attestation by Indian Embassy USA required?

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  • Apostile for document attestation is compulsory if you are US passport holder.
  • Indian nationals with Indian passport have to Apostile based on their Indian embassy and the postal or in-person mode.
  • Apostile is done by your state’s secretary office.
  • Apostile should be before going to Indian Embassy for attestation.

Apostile for Document attestation is necessary for you or not depends on your current passport and the Indian embassy that you are applying for document attestation.

If required, you have to get the document attested by your US state secretary before visiting or sending documents for attestation to Indian Embassy.

Check if Apostile for Document attestation required for you?

Indian Passport Holder – Apostile has required if your answer is Yes in this table


Indian Embassy Postal Mail   in-person visit to Embassy
 Washington DC  No  No
 New York  Yes  No
 Houston  No  No
 Chicago  No  No
 San Francisco  Yes  Yes
 Atlanta  No  No


What does Apostile mean?

Apostile as a term may sound tough, but it just means that you need to get the documents registered in your state (the one you are residing currently in the USA) secretary’s office.

There is a memorandum signed between Indian and US government (Hague Convention) which makes the documents ‘Apostiled’ in the USA legally valid and acceptable in Indian courts.

You have to look for this process in your specific state’s secretary’s office.

It is pretty easy, and you can either walk in or mail your documents for Apostile.

You may need to take a prior appointment in secretary’s office if you are thinking of walking in.

Is Apostile needed for attestation with Indian Embassy

If the answer is ‘Yes’ for your case, then yes, you need to get the Apostile for document attestation before going for Indian Embassy.

Please note that Notary is different Apostile and attestation.

You would need Apostile for any kind of document attestation with Indian embassy or Consulate including marriage certificate, power of attorney, affidavit, Will or any other.

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Is Apostile for Document attestation by Indian Embassy USA required?

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