How to link your PAN card to Aadhaar Card

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NRIs, OCIs & PIO can link their current PAN card to the Aadhaar Card

Following amendments under “The Finance Bill 2017” from 1 July, 2017:

  • Each taxpayer must quote his/her Aadhaar card number when submitting their income tax returns in India.
  • To obtain a new PAN card, applicants must provide their Aadhaar Card Numbers.
  • Those who already have PAN cards must link their PAN cards to their Aadhaar cards or in the near future, their PAN cards will be cancelled. [No confirmed cancellation date yet when this will take effect other than rumors]

How to link PAN Card to Aadhaar Card

How do individuals associate their PAN cards with their Aadhaar card? The procedure is fairly simple for those who have previously filed taxes and are registered on the income tax e-Filling portal. If you are not registered, then must first register and this step by step is explained in detail in this article.


Here are the steps for the already registered with tax department and have login ID & password:

  • Log into this e-Filing portal of the Income tax department at by entering your login information [user ID and password created during registration on the e-Filling portal]
  • When you log in, a pop-up window will ask you to link your PAN card to your Aadhaar card. If such a pop-up does not occur then simply use the menu under ‘Profile Settings’ and select ‘Link Aadhaar’
  • Follow the prompts and fill out the essential information correctly. Enter your Aadhaar card number and click ‘Link Now’.
  • When all the information has been submitted correctly, a message is displayed that confirms the successful linking of your PAN

Procedure for linking PAN Card to Aadhaar for those who are NOT registered with the tax department e-Filling portal

  • First, you must register to obtain a user ID and create a login password. To do this, go to
  • In the upper right corner, use the “Register Yourself” link to start the registration process. Fill out the registration form by selecting the type of user that applies to you [example individual or company, etc.], click “Continue”
  • Fill in the essential information such as PAN, Surname, Date of Birth, Middle Name if applicable, First Name. Choose the date of birth from the drop-down menu and click Continue
  • Next page displays your new user ID. Complete the mandatory information on this page and create a secure password. You must provide your address, a valid e-mail ID, and a mobile phone number. Once all information is entered, enter the captcha fields and submit them
  • A message will display “Thank you for registering in e-Filling”. A one-time password PIN [OTP] is sent to your mobile phone and a link to activate your account has been assigned to you by e-mail
  • Log in to your email account, click on the activation link in the email you received and enter the mobile pin [OTP] that you received on your mobile phone, and then click to submit. You will then see a display that states that ‘The User ID is successfully activated’
  • Now after registration, use the above steps and link your PAN Card to your Aadhaar Card.

How NRIs, OCI & PIOs can connect PAN Card to Aadhaar

While the procedure to link their existing PAN card numbers to their Aadhaar cards is the same for everyone, for those who live abroad and hold PAN cards, the online linking procedure has one hurdle that requires a mobile phone number as this number is used by the authorities to send text message with the OTP PIN to complete the registration process. Those who live abroad do not have Indian mobile numbers, but the authorities have given relief to non-residents.

For the registration on the e-Filling portal purposes, according to a Ministry of Finance press release, ‘For’ Foreign/NRI ‘taxpayer, the OTP validation of the e-mail ID would be sufficient.’ Therefore, when filling out the registration form, NRIs can easily choose from that they are non-residents.

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How to link your PAN card to Aadhaar Card

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