Is Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) Must for Reissuing Passport?

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My old passport is torn, and I don’t have its details with me, such as number, date of expiry, issue date, and place of issuance. Should I get police clearance certificate once again like former? Or, would it be rebuilt without any Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)?

Police verification is primed to job aspirants in the international country. The recent amendments to the immigration policies of the UK, US, Australia and Singapore, spotlighted the vulnerability and motivation to the indigenous talent.

Many articles, blogs and forum postings sound variable. But indeed, Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is a must to obtain for claiming the pivotal document called ‘passport’. It’s just hearsay that police document in original is needed only for the first time of its issuance. It is required once again.

Why reissue passport?

There can be any reasons for losing a passport. It can be torn into pieces and also be damaged due to catching up fire or drenching in water. Besides, there is just an obvious reason that can compel to apply for it, i.e. its expiry.

All situations as mentioned above can be dealt by applying for a new passport. For it, several documents shall be required. Moreover, the police verification document shall be enclosed the requisite papers to re-apply.

Why do you require PCC?

Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is a legal document issued by the commissioner of police in the particular region. Before handing it over to the seeker, policemen examine the history of the applicant. In a nutshell, it identifies the criminal check documents that can be sought when the person would apply for a visa to work abroad, OCI card and to apply for re-issue of it.

Which documents do you need to render for PCC?

The competent authority of Passport Sewa Kendra in any region requests to submit valid documents under 2 conditions. These are:

1)  If the residential address is alike to the one specified in the old passport.

2)  If the residential address is different from the earlier one declared in the old passport.

If the candidate applies PCC under the first situation, he/she has to present:

  • Self-attested copy of its first two and last two pages, including ECR & non-ECR page
  • Original old passport
  • Proof of residential address, like Aadhaar Card, electricity bill, water bill, proof of a gas connection, rental agreement, passbook, election commission photo ID card etc.

If the candidate applies PCC under the second condition, he/she would require the following records:

  • Original old passport
  • Its self-attested photocopy of 1st and last two pages

Although the foretold documents are compulsory as per norms yet there may be more paper-requirements. To acknowledge which more documents are needed, the candidate can communicate Regional Passport Officer (RPO). His decision shall be final if the police verification certificate is requested for re-issuance of passport.

What’s the process of police verification in India?

If the person desires to apply my self, he/she can:

1) Fill online application for ‘re-issue the passport’.

2) Book an appointment with (PSK) Passport Sewa Kendra.

3) Get an application letter on which RPO has writer ‘Pre’, ‘Post’ or ‘No’ for police verification.

4) An SMS would be originated that goes as cop identification is started. Contact Commissioner of Police, District, if not done within three weeks.

5) When the whole formality is finished, the candidate can read his/her receipt if it states ‘Post’, the cop will conduct criminal check verifying after all formalities at PSK.

6) The cop will ring to his/her registered number for conducting confirmation.

7) After ten days or more of inquiry, the new passport will be assigned.

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Is Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) Must for Reissuing Passport?

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