Procedure to file the cyber crime complaint in India

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How to Register Cyber Crime Complaint in India?

Cybercrime is basically a criminal activity which is carried on with the use of computers and the Internet. Some of the popular cyber-crimes are hacking, cyberstalking, denial of service attack (DoS), software piracy, virus dissemination, credit card fraud and phishing. Nowadays, it is essential to know how to file a cyber crime complaint in India?

To tackle with the issue of cyber-crimes, CIDs (Criminal Investigation Departments) of many cities opened up the Cyber Crime Cells in different cities. The Information Technology Act of India states precisely that when cybercrime has been committed, it has global jurisdiction. And therefore a complaint can be filed at any cyber cell.

Procedures to file a Cyber Crime Complaint

Step 1 –One must have to provide full name, address, email address and telephone number along with an application form or letter addressing the head of a cybercrime investigation cell when filing a cybercrime complaint.

Step 2-One must have to provide a list of documents in order to register a complaint. A documents list varies with the type of cyber crime.

Information or Documents required to be submitted while Filing a Hacking Complaint

The following information should be provided:

1.  Server Logs

2.  If a victim’s website is defaced, then a copy of the defaced web page in hard copy as well as soft copy format.

If data are compromised on the victim’s computer or server or any other network devices, a soft copy of original data and compromised data.

3.  Access control mechanism information, i.e. – Who had the access to the computer or an email of the victim?

4.  List of suspects if the real victim is having any doubt on anyone.

5.  All related information leading to the answers to the following questions.   

• What is compromised?

• Who might have compromised the computer or system?

• When was the computer compromised?

• Why might have been the computer compromised?

• Where is the impact of the main attack-identifying the target system from the whole network?

• How many computers or systems have been compromised by the attack?

Information or Documents require while Filing an Email Related Cyber Crime Complaint in India

In the case of e-mail abuse say vulgar e-mail, etc. the following information should be provided:

•    The extended headers of offending e-mail

•    The offending e-mail from

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Procedure to file the cyber crime complaint in India

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