How to replace lost OCI card

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Step by Step Instructions for replacing lost OCI card

Before a lost OCI card can be exchanged, applicants should submit a police report. To apply for a replacement OCI card, applicants must submit a copy of the complaint submitted to the police.

In some cases, a notarized self-made affidavit can be accepted explaining the circumstances in which the card is lost. Most consular officials want to copy a police report and whether an official accepts an affidavit or not depends on the circumstances.

A personal interview with the applicant must be carried out at the Indian Consulate or FRRO when the applicants are in India.

Kindly Note: These days documents with identity are a major interest for theft. Because the OCI card is a brochure with your passport information to prevent misuse of your identity, it is always a prudent step to archive a police report and get a copy of such a report.

Procedure for requesting a replacement OCI card

Requests for replacement of lost OCI cards are made on the OCI Miscellaneous Services website

  1. Visit the OCI Misc Services website
  2. Select the “Click here to continue.”
  3. Select OCI Miscellaneous Services from the menu
  4. Answer the simple question correctly and click “Enter” to go to the next page
  5. Before you can call the OCI rebuild form, you must provide:

Your passport (This is the same passport number on your OCI card)

Fill out one of the following options:

▪U visa number or

▪OCI Registration number or

▪OCI file number

Fill in one of the following, as in the OCI Certificate of Approval / U-visas

▪Date of birth or

▪Mother name

If the above information is entered correctly, you have access to the various online forms. Select the appropriate service (i.e. replacement of the lost/damaged OCI card).

  1. Once you have selected the desired service, the online registration form is displayed to access the requested service. Enter all required information on the form and submit it online.
  2. After the online submission, a copy of the application with a reference number and instructions for completing the application form will be displayed. Print and sign the form once you have completed all the entries.
  3. Finally, you must submit the printed form and all required documents as on the form along with a pass-size photo and fee to the competent authority such as the Indian Consulate or the appropriate outsourcing company. Applicants in India should submit the form & documents to the Foreign Affairs Officer (FRRO) who apply for their area.

The fee for replacing OCI documents in the event of loss or damage is currently the US $ 100 / equivalent or equivalent in local currency. In India, the fee is currently rupees 5,500 / –

  1. In the event of loss/damage to OCI documents, the issuance of new documents is only permitted after a personal interview. After the submitted documents have been received by the authorities, you will receive the date and time for a personal interview.
  2. In general, the time frame for this process is approximately 30 days or so from the time the hardcopy of the application is received by the authorities. In cases where new OCI documents are requested for damage to the documents, the damaged documents must be handed over during replacement.

Update: A copy of the police complaint with loss/theft of OCI documents/passport etc. is required. A personal interview with the individual application for replacement of the OCI in case of loss or damage to the documents is also mandatory

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How to replace lost OCI card

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