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If you have narrowed or no knowledge of the law, it is imperative that you consult the best Civil Lawyers in India to help you draft and send a legal notice. Legal notice must be drafted with comprehensive care to include the above-mentioned points to avail the immediate remedy and avoid taking the issue to a court.

A legal notice drafted by civil lawyers in Chandigarh will eliminate the chances of it being quashed or challenged in the court. Once you send a legal notice, you cannot do any changes to it and cannot negate or defend anything mentioned in it. Hence, a lawyer must be consulted to send a legal notice to a company or person.

The essential steps required to be followed to send a legal notice to a person or company are as follows:

  • You must hire civil lawyers in India with excellent drafting skills to write a legal notice on your behalf. A legal notice must be drafted in a language understood by the recipient, and it must be addressed to the company or person who has caused you the grievance.
  • You must give all the necessary details describing the names of people involved, contact information, their address, grievance caused, date and time when the objection was caused, earlier attempts of contacting the company or person for resolving the dispute, and any evidence or document in relation with the grievance.
  • The Civil Lawyers in Chandigarh notes all the details and collect the documents you give and creates a timeline to draft a legal notice.
  • The lawyer then drafts a legal notice in a language that the recipient understands, specifying the reason for sending a legal notice and stipulating the conditions to be followed within a flexible period of time like 30-60 days.
  • The legal notice is drafted on the lawyer’s letterhead, signed by the civil lawyers in Chandigarh and you, and sent to the company or person.

How to draft a Legal Notice?

A legal notice must be drafted with the help of Civil Lawyers in Punjab or any other part of India.  An experienced attorney will be able to include all the appropriate information in your legal notice. A well-drafted legal intimation forces the receiver to oblige to the terms and conditions, reducing the need to file a lawsuit. A legal notice requires to include the following points:

  • A compact statement of all the essential facts that led to your complaint and appeal.
  • The exact claim and relief sought from the person or company to whom you require to send a legal notice.
  • The laws under which the action is required to be taken or relief is sought from the receiver.

Generally, send a legal notice works magic! In most matters, it is found that a legal notice has helped a person or company to take immediate action within the given time limit, without the compulsion to take the matter to the court. Though, if you do not receive any response to your legal notice, you consult a solicitor to know your next step.

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