When to Send a Legal Notice to a person or company?

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There are several situations when you have to take legal action against a person or company such as a property dispute, cheque bounce, consumer grievance, eviction, divorce, and many more! Though, you require informing that person or organization that you are planning to initiate legal action against them. This is when an individual can send a legal notice to a person or company.

What is a Legal Notice?

The legal notice is a written document sent to someone whether it is a company or person or any other entity, to inform them that you have faced some grievance and plan to take a legal action against them. A notice is the very initial step of any legal proceeding as it alerts a person to get prepared for court action. A legal notice is like a warning notice sent by Civil Lawyers in India as it lays down the provisions that the person receiving the notice must follow. Unless a legal action may be considered against him.

List of reasons on which you can send a Legal Notice to a Person or Company in India?

There are many purposes for which you may require to send a legal notice to a person or company. The most frequent reasons for which you can send a notice to a company/ person in India are:

  • Property disputes such as unpaid mortgage, delay in possession delivery by the builder, eviction notice to the tenant, family property partition, etc.
  • Notice to an employer for unpaid salary, wrongful termination, violation company’s HR policies by the employer, lack of action from an employer in case of sexual harassment at workplace, or any such employment-related matter.
  • Notice to an employee for leaving the job without resignation notice, any act of sexual harassment at workplace, violation of company’s HR policies, violation of employment agreement, etc.
  • Notice to an organization which is a manufacturer or service provider for faulty services, faulty product, false advertisement, etc.
  • Notice to the issuer of a cheque in a cheque bounce case.
  • Personal conflicts are arising out of marital discord such as legal notice for divorce, child custody, maintenance, etc.

What to do in case if you received a Legal Notice?

In a situation when you have received a notice and do not agree to the terms and conditions specified in it, you can consult civil lawyers in Punjab to send a reply to the legal notice. Best Civil Lawyer in Chandigarh will draft a reply in the form of a counter-notice and send it to the company or person that has sent you a legal notice.

In either case, it is imperative to consult an experienced lawyer to understand the correct legal action to be taken.

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When to Send a Legal Notice to a person or company?

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