Step by step Guide to apply for your Lost Indian Passport

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Losing any of your possessions is really an unpleasant experience. But when it comes to something as vital as your passport, losing your passport on foreign soil can surely be the worst nightmare for anybody. However, the key here is not a worry. Such things could occur to anybody, whether they are just visiting as a tourist for a few weeks or whether you are permanently residing abroad.In order to assist you through this stressful time, we have curated a handy list of steps that will lead you through the things to do if you lost Indian passport in the USA or India. It should make you clear about the procedure of how to apply for the lost passport. If you have been bothered by questions like, “how much time it will take to reissue a lost passport”, then read on. This is proposed for you.

What can you Do If You Lost Indian Passport in the United States of America?

Firstly, find all the copies you have of your passport, where your photo, passport number, and other key details are clearly visible.

If you have lost your passport during studying abroad or working abroad, it is suggested that you file a police complaint as early as possible. The FIR filed in the police station will serve you as a proof of loss of passport for embassy-related formalities.

If you are in the state of emergency, and you have to travel abroad within a month or so, you can make an application for a temporary passport. This is a process of only two weeks. However, some countries have restrictions on travelling with a temporary passport, so to assure that you verify with the authorities before travelling with a temporary passport. However, you should opt for this only as a last resort,

Alternatively, you could make an application for an emergency certificate from the nearest Indian embassy. This certificate is a one-way travel document which allows an Indian citizen to travel back to India if their passport has been damaged/stolen and who need permission from India to obtain a duplicate passport. This is the form to go if you are on a short-term vacation abroad when you lost your passport.

Documents Required for Lost Passport

Here are the documents that are commonly required:

  1. A notarized affidavit from two Indian passport holders, who have a valid resident status in the USA
  2. The application form for the new passport should be duly filled out with the accurate details. Some of your signatures on the application form will have to get notarized, so ensure that you make sure everything is in proper order before submitting the form.
  3. You would require between 7-10 passport size photographs
  4. Proof of nationality –A copy of your old passport would satisfy. However, if this is not possible, then you could alternatively submit your SSC graduation certificate from India, Indian birth certificate, or any valid Indian photo-ID card like Aadhaar, Ration card, etc.
  5. You will need to present details of your previous passport, like date of issue, passport number, etc. In case you do not hold a copy of your old passport, you can contact a Passport Service Kendra (PSK) to get details about your old passport. Bear in mind that it will need over 24 -48 hours for your data to be processed.
  6. A letter from your university is required if you are in the USA on a student visa
  7. An original police report filed towards loss of your passport
  8. A letter directed to the Consulate General of India, explaining the conditions leading to the loss of your passport. This letter is known as “Incident Report”.

What can you Do If You Lost Your Indian Passport in India?

If you are a citizen of India, and you have lost passport in India, then it is necessary for you to file a complaint at the nearest police station as soon as possible and get an FIR filed. This will serve you as proof for loss of passport.

Once you have an FIR, you can visit your nearest Regional Passport Office in order to make an application for a duplicate passport.

You can do this by filling an application form at your nearest Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) and submitting the required documents.

Here are the documents which need to be submitted while applying for a duplicate passport from India:

1). Affidavit with complete details on how the passport was lost

2). No Objection Certificate (NOC)

3). Proof of present address

4). FIR filed about the lost passport

5). Proof of Date of Birth (DOB)

6). Photocopies of 1st and last pages of passport

7). Passport size photos

We hope this blog has made clear the all the things to do if you lost Indian passport in the USA and the procedure for lost Indian passport in the USA or anywhere in the world. We hope you can now go ahead with an easy mind, now that you know correctly how to apply for the loss of your passport, and how much time it takes to reissue a lost passport.

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Step by step Guide to apply for your Lost Indian Passport

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