Top Reasons For NRIs To Invest In Indian Real Estate

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Why Young NRIs Invest More in Indian Real Estate

Despite a stagnant phase that might have influenced it, Investment in Indian real estate remains a preferred investment option for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs). Stability in prices and desirable market conditions are some of the significant reasons behind rising investments from NRIs.

A large number of NRIs feel confident about the new government and expect more investment-friendly proposals in several fields. Nowadays people are more optimistic and looking for property and land to invest in. Both small and big property developers are focusing the NRI base in the US, the UK and the Asia Pacific Region this year.

As per the researcher, NRIs in the UAE aged between the age of 18 to 35, accounts for 43 per cent of investment in Indian real estate.  While earlier, we would see maximum older people planning and saving to purchase property, today in the contemporary world more young people want to solidify savings in the real estate industry.

Why Indian Real Estate Attracts Young NRIs:

  • Having a home in India is essential for young NRIs, who are keen to settle in India in the long run. Buying a property in India assists a young NRI being rooted in his country and people.
  • Investing in a property in India benefits NRIs to get regular rental incomes. Generally, a large number of young NRIs are making quick investments by buying properties in India and also making money by putting these out on rent. Growing working population of India’s makes it one of the most favourable nations for real estate investment for rental income purposes.
  • Over the past decade, remarkable growth has seen in the Indian real estate sector. According to a survey, India’s property market will be worth $180 billion by 2020. Hence, witnessing all these opportunities for future, young NRIs want to buy properties here as a long-term asset.
  • Affordability of the properties is an essential factor why Indian real estate attracts a large number of young NRIs. Due to the main difference in the value of currencies, property investment in India is a profitable option. Moreover, the increasing focus of real estate developers to build more affordable and NRI-centric projects has encouraged young NRIs to invest more. Double income NRI families, having age group of 18-35, also invest more in Indian real estate.
  • With an eye to improve the Indian economy, the government has formulated policies and schemes to increase investment options for NRIs, looking to invest in the Indian real estate market. In the wake of such government efforts, more NRIs are looking forward to investment in here.

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Top Reasons For NRIs To Invest In Indian Real Estate

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