Travel Insurance Company – How to choose ?

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Here we discuss some tips you shouldn’t ignore while choosing a policy from a travel insurance company.

· Purchase only from a trusted insurer

It is not a wise idea to buy a policy from a travel insurance company that is not trusted or popular.

Check whether the travel insurance company is registered with IRDAI or not.

You must also refrain from purchasing cheap travel insurance policies. They may look attractive due to less premium amount but can result in hassles, if any issue arises during the trip.

· Avoid purchasing from a travel agent

If you depend on tour operators or travel agents for insurance purposes, the chances are that you will end up paying more. Therefore, prefer purchasing directly from the insurers.

· Choose multi-trip insurance if you are a frequent traveller

If you have to travel multiple times in a year, go for multi-trip travel insurance, as the policy remains active throughout the year. Check the terms and conditions for this type of insurance, as some insurers offer a limitation on a number of days per trip.

· Opt for value-added services if you have dependents at home

It is a good idea to select a policy that also takes care of your elderly parents while you are away on the trip. For example, ICICI Lombard offers medical concierge service under which appointment with a local doctor, plumbing & electrical assistance and home nursing care facilities are included.

· Getting home insurance is also a good idea

A lot of insurance policies offer home insurance in combination with travel insurance. This feature covers your home against fire, theft, house breaks and related risks while you are abroad.

· Make sure the policy offers cashless hospitalization cover

Imagine you face a medical emergency when you are in some other part of the globe. It becomes quite difficult to manage the hospital expenses, especially when you are travelling alone. This is where cashless hospitalization cover appears as a saviour. Make sure your insurance company is offering this facility.

. Check medical exclusions thoroughly

There are numerous medical conditions and treatments excluded from the travel insurance. Here’s what commonly excluded:

  • Ongoing dental or medical condition
  • Involvement in hazardous sports, such as skydiving, bungee jumping, mountaineering, caving, etc.
  • Issues arising due to the consumption of drugs or alcohol
  • Venereal diseases, including AIDS
  • Mental disorders, such as anxiety or depression
  • Issues arising due to involvement in criminal or terrorist activities
  • The medical exclusions vary from policy to policy. Therefore, you must check them thoroughly before finalizing.

· Check the maximum limit of cover

The insurers have a limit related to medical expenses or related cover. It is a wise idea to check the limit of cover beforehand to avoid surprises during an emergency.

· Don’t ignore the importance of domestic insurance

Travel insurance is often associated with international trips. But, even if you are travelling within India, you shouldn’t ignore domestic insurance. The domestic insurance policies also cover you against trip delays, personal liability, accidental death, loss of luggage and trip cancellation.

· Check if travel insurance company pays refund if you cut short your travel

Some companies offer some refund if travel is cut short. It is necessary to read the brochure or contact the client support representatives for clarification on this clause.


Make sure to follow each of these tips to enjoy your travel to the fullest, without any worries. As discussed above, it is a sane idea to purchase the policies directly from the travel insurance company instead of travel agents. You can also get your policies customized if you contact the companies directly.

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Travel Insurance Company – How to choose ?

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