How to use your foreign cell phones in India?

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Don’t believe that your United States cell phones will operate in India. Unless your cell phone has the capability to work on the frequency on which Indian phone companies transmit, your US or European phone will not work in India.

All cell phones use the radio waves to transmit talks between telephone users. Similar to for instance radio stations. You can hear a precise radio station only if you tune in to the exact frequency it is transmitting on. The similarly goes for cell phones. While you do not manually alter frequencies on your cell phone, they are pre-programmed to work on certain frequencies.

Cell phones frequencies used in India

There are five frequencies used today by almost all cell phone companies around the globe.

They are:

  • 800 MHz
  • 850 MHz
  • 900 MHz
  • 800 MHz
  • 1900 MHz

Sim Card for India

To use your foreign cell phone in India, if it is capable of handling the Indian frequencies, you will have to purchase a Sim card in India.

Sim cards are available at just about every major corner in the larger cities. Due to increased terrorism concerns, there has been a check on the issuance of Sim cards in India. Unless proper Identification is provided, it is no longer possible to get a Sim card in India.

Using your foreign cell phone in India

You can purchase a cell phone today that can work on only one, two, three or four frequencies. When buying a cell phone, you will often be told that a particular cell phone is a dual band, tri band or quad band.

A dual-band phone is capable of working on two frequencies; a tri-band will work on three and a quad-band will be capable of working on four different frequencies.

Usually, these phones are capable of auto-detecting the frequency, so no manual setting is required from the cell phone users. Quad-band phones are also referred to as world phones.

When purchasing a cell phone abroad make sure that the phone you are getting is capable of working on 900 MHz as this is the frequency utilized by most cell phone organizations in India. Don’t get taken in by salespeople who tell you that 850 MHz will work in India. It ought to be 900 MHz

Indian Telephone Sim Cards

The price of a telephone Sim card in India is currently only around Rupees 100/- Many organizations discount this and even offer Sim cards free to get clients to use their services. When choosing a Sim card, opt for one that has broad coverage in the area you expect to stay the majority of the time. For example, if you expect to stay in the State of Maharashtra, Sim card of Idea company has notable good coverage.

Visitors to India – Sim Card Talk Time

Those who are visiting India, should not add too much talk time to their cell phones, the reason is, that once your phone is not used for a period of six months, the Sim is automatically de-activated. Thus, if you are thinking of returning overseas with a Sim card from India, keep this in time. Unless used, it will be cancelled.

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How to use your foreign cell phones in India?

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